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9-11 May We NEVER Forget




9-11..May We NEVER Forget the day our Great Country was attacked by 19 muslim islamic cowards! Let us NEVER Forget our Courageous 9-11 Families, The Brave and Courageous First Responders , Firefighters and Police Officers, who selflessly went into the burning Twin Towers and put the lives of total strangers ahead of their own to save them. Let us NEVER Forget the Courageous Military Warriors and their Families, who protect us day and night and bring Justice to those who would dare harm us.







Courageous Marines Greet Trump


Enthusiastic Courageous Marines in Yuma Az greet their Commander In Chief: 

Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017


Not since the 1930s has there been any revision/ bills to try to streamline the VA waiting process for Veterans with their claims until President Trump, fulfilling campaign promises re our Veterans, signed and promoted:
H.R. 2288, the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, unanimously passed the Senate earlier this month. This legislation will streamline the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing their claims for disability benefits with the Veterans Administration. More than 470,000 veterans are still waiting for decisions regarding their appeals.

Operation Back to School/Lennar Homes


Thank You to Lennar Homes for hosting and providing all the Operation Back to School back packs filled with school supplies for our Wounded Warrior Families through Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®.

We are so grateful for the partnership we have with these wonderful people who care about our courageous Heroes and their families.

It was an exceptionally fun day with a BBQ in Lacey and 150 Back Packs with school supplies for these awesome families.

Thank you Lennar Homes for a Great Day!!

The wonderful team at Lennar Homes


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors Therapy Programs PPT


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors Therapy Programs PPT

Jesse Jones Sushi Roll Benefits Heartbeat


Jesse Jones Sushi Roll Benefits Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors!

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors is very grateful to KIRO TV’s Jesse Jones and Sansei Restaurant, Seattle and Chef Richard for the awesome Jesse Jones Roll to financially benefit Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors in the months of June, July 2017. This is such a great gift and super fun idea! Thank You, Jesse Jones!!

Happy Birthday, Americans!


HSWW 4th July 17

Congratulations to America’s 45th President Donald J. Trump





Toby Keith Made In America” Great Patriot who performs for our troops often, will perform at our Awesome American First, 45th President Inauguration.


President Donald Trump Inauguration speech as America’s 45th President. God Bless Him!



Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®


In light of certain sports figures who deemed it important to not honor our Flag, our Country and our National Anthem by not standing and putting their hand over their heart when the National Anthem played. We launched the Star Spangled Banner Essay Contest which was open to Wounded Warrior Children( Youth) grades 5-10th  to answer the question:

“Why do we salute (if Military) or put our hand over our heart (civilian) when The Star Spangled Banner is played?”

First Prize $1000 and Dinner for the Winner’s Family
2nd Prize  $750
3rd Prize $500

Our Judging Committee chose:

First Place Luke:
Click here to see Luke’s “Star Spangled Banner” Essay

2nd Place BelleDonna Root:
Click here to see Belle’s “Respect” Essay

3rd Place Skyler Barnson:
Click here to see Skyler’s “Heartbeat for Warriors National Anthem” Essay

Congratulations to these exceptional writers who understand and are able to articulate a very important topic.

Heartbeat is so very proud of all of you! Thank you for taking the time and energy to write such outstanding essays.

Veteran’s Day Thank You For Your Outstanding Courage!




Absolutely inspiring….just as our Veterans are!


2017 VETERANS DAY Events & Observances for Washington State
November 11, 2017


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®