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K9 Healing Warriors

K9 Healing Warriors Newsletter 10-10-16

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For those Warriors in WA state with TBI, PTSD and physical injuries, our program is set up to allow Wounded Warriors to get their lives back and be able to renegotiate the everyday challenges they face. Now they are not alone. The service dog gives the Warrior the confidence to go out into the community. He/she has his/her own buddy, who has his/her back.

After the success of our pilot study, Heartbeat is implementing this program, for Warriors in WA state, with the hopes of accommodating ten warriors and their dogs in training during the first year.

This program will work and train Warriors who already have their own young dog. The Warrior and service dog team will train together. Some of the training might include: turning lights off and on, waking Warriors from nightmares, accompanying the Warrior in public places, assisting in balance, assisting with prosthetic devices and performing calming behaviors to facilitate reorientation. Also, the hypervigilance that most Wounded Warriors feel is reduced with the service dog.

Heartbeat will work with Cascade Service Dogs in Olympia. Training is extensive and will last a minimum of one year. As with all our other therapies, Heartbeat pays for all the costs.

This program is available to any Veteran, in WA state, wounded or injured during Combat Deployment who served in GWOT to include OIF and OEF.



SF Soldier Mike and his Service Dog Leia, part of K9 Healing Warriors said “It cost me my health, family and restful nights sleep… But the future is mine… It will take no more from me.”

 Wounded Warrior, Prior Army MP Finds Joy With His Service Dog Sunny Through Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors Service Dog Program, K9 Healing Warriors

After two tours one in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and the other one in Bagram Afghanistan  I have been diagnosed with many ailments both physical and psychological. One of the big ones is PTSD. I get agitated and very hyper vigilant without having Sunny  my Service Dog trained thru K9 Healing Warriors) around.

You would be able to notice  my mood change  without having Sunny next to me. I would have to say that Sunny balances me. She keeps me calm when I get upset or frustrated and keeps me grounded. she brightens up my day and everybody else’s day that she is around. The impact Sunny (as my Service Dog) has made on my everyday life has been extraordinary and to be able to travel with her everywhere has made my life much easier.

The best thing about it is sunny loves all the stuff that I do. she enjoys hiking, running, riding motorcycles, being around friends and family, and even swimming. The contribution that Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors made for me to be able to train with Sunny in the K9 Healing Warriors program and certify her as a service animal is greatly appreciated and something I will never be able to repay. I have to thank Janice, Helen, Sharon, and the Knights of Columbus for the contributions they made to Sunny and I.

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Americans with Disabilities Act Questions and Answers regarding Service Dogs

Revised ADA Requirements for Service Dogs

ADA Requirements for Service Dogs FAQ



K9 Healing Warriors

How do the soldiers feel about the help Heartbeat provides?

Wounded warriors often send words of appreciation. They’re families are grateful too. Sometimes they write letters. Sometimes they tell us in person. They let us know the huge impact our programs have on their lives.

Why do you help only the wounded? Don’t others need your help too?

All warriors and their families deserve our time and appreciation. Many organizations serve both wounded and non-wounded. We did at one time too. We realized that we could serve more wounded warriors if we focused completely on them.

Does Heartbeat help both wounded and injured soldiers?

Most of our programs are for both wounded and injured.

What is the difference between a wounded and injured service member?

The military defines these terms differently. If the soldier is hurt in an accident while here at home, it’s called an injury. If the soldier is hurt while in a battle or war, it’s called wounded. That is also the term if the soldier is in a car accident while overseas.

How can I volunteer?

At this time, Scuba Warriors serves wounded GWOT Warriors in WA State.  IF you are a wounded warrior in another state, you are welcome to be in this program, BUT, unfortunately,  we do not have funds for travel and lodging.

Heartbeat received a seed grant from Infinite Hero Foundation to start a limited Scuba Warrior expansion to our courageous wounded Marines  in NC and Wounded Warrior Regiment East at Camp Lejeune. It IS the Vision of Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® to take Scuba Warriors Nationally.

1.    IF you are a dive shop or Dive Instructor that would like to be involved in Scuba Warriors in your state please contact us.   IF you are a Dive Master or Dive Con certified and want to volunteer, please contact us.

2.   IF you are a wounded warrior in a moderate to heavy military populated state and would like to see Scuba Warriors there, please contact us. IF you are a Command that would like to see Scuba Warriors come to you for your wounded warriors, please contact us.

3.   Finally, even though our VISION is to take Scuba Warriors Nationally, we Can Not do this without YOUR HELP.

4.   Please consider making a single donation or monthly donation to allow us to make Scuba Warriors Outreach a viable reality! DONATE HERE.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these courageous Warriors that have given so much for our country!


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