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We are not accepting applications from out of state at this time***


Heartbeat Christmas Wish
Military Family Instructions for 2023

Thank you so much for allowing Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® to be a part of your family’s holiday.

Heartbeat’s Christmas Wish℠ program is a way for the community to THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you and your family have made for our freedoms.

We will begin matching families for our Christmas Wish℠ program in mid November and continue through mid December

Below are a few instructions to help everything run smoothly:

*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

 This program is on a first come first served basis. Heartbeat depends on the communities to step up to adopt. There are no guarantees that your family will be adopted until your Community Family contacts you. 

Communication is very important!! 
Please respond when the Community Family or business that is adopting your family contacts you.

Please DO NOT ASK FOR ANY GIFTS RELATING TO ANY SPORTS TEAMS  because of their disrespect for our Flag. Any application for adoption to the Christmas Wish program that puts gifts relating to any sports teams or is not completely filled out will automatically be deleted without notification! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

1.  Please fill out the Military Family Information Form (see the link below) and submit it online only AFTER reading through all of the instructions below.

Attn: Gold Star families — spouses/children 17 and under — you can apply on the same form (*For Post 9/11 Gold Star Families we will need documentation showing that the individual was released or discharge from active duty due to his or her death or documentation showing you are enrolled in a Survivor Benefit Program*).

2.  The adopting Community Family assigned by Heartbeat will be provided with your family’s name, address, telephone number and wish lists. The Community Family will contact you directly for to arrange a time and location for delivery. The Community Family may also call you directly to ask questions about your families wish lists.

Please be sure to respond to the Community Family or Volunteer Assistant as quickly as possible. The Community Family will say they are adopting you through Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors when they telephone you.

3.  Christmas Wish Lists: The information form asks for your children’s names, sizes, and for any special interests. Your Community Family may choose to buy clothes, or toys, or both. Please provide specific recommendations for your Community Family.  To give them a better chance of finding something special, you may list as many items as you wish. This does NOT mean everything listed will be bought, but this is your opportunity to give your Community Family some ideas.

Please fill out the wish list completely with multiple ideas for your adopting Community Family to choose from.

Only children 17 yrs or under and living at home as part of the Military Family are considered for our Christmas Wish℠ program. Thank you!

Applications filled in with just: “toys” or “clothes” will NOT be accepted.  If you would like, you can give websites (with direct links) or store names that have the items on the wish list you are completing. If you provide a website for toys or clothes ideas, please provide the direct link to the item to make it crystal clear for your adopting Community Family. 

Our Community Families are giving because they are grateful. They are giving out of the goodness of their hearts because they are grateful for your service.


    • Big Screen TV;
    • Video game consoles (X-Box, Wii, PlayStation, etc.);
    • Cars;
    • Laptops or other computers;
    • Furniture;
    • Musical instruments.

PLEASE DO NOT  list any gift on your wish list that is more than $65 (per item).

4.  Your gifts may also come with a personal card from your Community Family and possibly a correspondence address. It is entirely up to you whether you respond or not. If you do wish to respond, you do not need to send them your return address. You may send a response letter with no return address on the envelope. It is important that you feel comfortable with Heartbeat Christmas Wish℠.

Thank you for all you do!

If you have any questions regarding Heartbeat Christmas Wish, please contact us!

 Click Here for the Military Family Information Form

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