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Rehabilitating Those Who Served


Snohomish Tribune article on Heartbeat’s Morale Building Programs By MELANIE RUSSELL


General Kelly White House briefing


General Kelly speaks from the heart about our Courageous Warriors in an emotional White House briefing

Our Christmas Program Starts NOW!


It’s that time of year again! We’ve opened up our Morale Building Programs for the Christmas season!

We are now accepting applications from individual Wounded Warriors and Wounded Warriors and their family to be adopted by a Community Family for Christmas! We match on a first come first serve basis.

We’re also accepting applications to from Businesses and Community Families to adopt an individual Wounded Warrior and/or a Wounded Warrior and their family.You may choose the size of Family to adopt and you may adopt more than one Warrior/Family.

We will begin matching families to adopt in early November and continue through mid December 2017.

Click here to get started: Christmas Wish℠

We’ve also started collecting for our Christmas Stocking Program. Our target this year is again 600 stockings filled to the rim with goodies & gadgets. Gather your friends, family, co-workers, and church members, put your stocking hats together and go shopping!! Click here for more information: Christmas Stocking℠ Program

Great American National Anthem


Both of these moving videos remind us of the incredible sacrifices for our Country, Our Flag and Our National Anthem and Our Courageous Military.

A Letter from Retired Marine regarding NFL players


Both of these moving videos remind us of the incredible sacrifices for our Country, Our Flag and Our National Anthem and Our Courageous Military.

A Letter from Retired Marine Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers regarding NFL players ( including seahawks) protesting on the field, perspective from a Hero!!

9-11 May We NEVER Forget




9-11..May We NEVER Forget the day our Great Country was attacked by 19 muslim islamic cowards! Let us NEVER Forget our Courageous 9-11 Families, The Brave and Courageous First Responders , Firefighters and Police Officers, who selflessly went into the burning Twin Towers and put the lives of total strangers ahead of their own to save them. Let us NEVER Forget the Courageous Military Warriors and their Families, who protect us day and night and bring Justice to those who would dare harm us.







Courageous Marines Greet Trump


Enthusiastic Courageous Marines in Yuma Az greet their Commander In Chief: 

Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017


Not since the 1930s has there been any revision/ bills to try to streamline the VA waiting process for Veterans with their claims until President Trump, fulfilling campaign promises re our Veterans, signed and promoted:
H.R. 2288, the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, unanimously passed the Senate earlier this month. This legislation will streamline the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing their claims for disability benefits with the Veterans Administration. More than 470,000 veterans are still waiting for decisions regarding their appeals.

Operation Back to School/Lennar Homes


Thank You to Lennar Homes for hosting and providing all the Operation Back to School back packs filled with school supplies for our Wounded Warrior Families through Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®.

We are so grateful for the partnership we have with these wonderful people who care about our courageous Heroes and their families.

It was an exceptionally fun day with a BBQ in Lacey and 150 Back Packs with school supplies for these awesome families.

Thank you Lennar Homes for a Great Day!!

The wonderful team at Lennar Homes


Fred Meyer Community Rewards


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Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®