Advisory Board


Mike Bohm

Mike and his bride Delores of 48 years were born and raised in Kansas. They met when he was attending Fort Hays State University from where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree. After school they moved to Wichita Ks where he worked for Coleman Company in Customer Service. While working for Coleman the family moved to Redmond WA as part of the O’Brien Water Sports division. Other job experiences included working for a startup company and ending his career with Boeing Co as business support for the IT Network Organization.

Mike’s experiences include budgeting, logistics, costing, administration and management. Mike & Delores are active in their church as well as Mike being an active member of The Knights of Columbus. Mike & Delores have two daughter’s one son-in-law and two granddaughters, who keep them very busy.

Mike is humbled to be able to support our wounded veterans.

David Boze

David is a well-known KTTH radio personality and a Heartbeat supporter of many years.

Danny Dudek, Lt. Col.

Lt. Col. Dudek is the Warrior Transition Battalion commander at Fort Lewis, Washington. He is also a decorated wounded warrior.

Carl Higbie

Carl HigbiCHigbie_Photoe was born in 1983 in southwestern Connecticut. As state champion wrestler in high school he attended Sacred Heart University until the war on terror was  declared. In 2003 Carl dropped out of college, leaving behind a promising wrestling career and enlisted to become a US Navy SEAL. He completed 2 combat deployments to  Iraq in 2007 and 2009 where he led his team to capture the infamous “Butcher of Fallujah”. Subsequently, he returned to take a senior training position for his remaining  three years where he taught high risk evolutions such as Close Quarters Combat and Air operations.

It was during this time that Carl released his first book “Battle on the Home Front” which brought to light many problems, some political in nature that were plaguing our  country and the military. The book led to a highly publicized battle against a politically charged machine reaching to the White House. Two years after leaving the military, Carl emerged victorious against all odds which his new book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” is based on. With a victory against political correctness under his belt and at 30 years old, he took on a run for US Congress in 2014 loosing a contentious convention in a five-way race garnering 14 percent on his first run, more than any other candidate outside of the party favorite who received over three quarters of the total votes.

Carl Higbie has owned two successful business’ in his tenure, been an integral player on over a dozen campaigns including as a chief presidential candidate’s surrogate and his new book is set for release on May 10th 2016; “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, A SEAL’s Story”. Higbie is quickly becoming one of the most respected authorities on politics, military and national security. His natural leadership skills coupled with his experience as a Navy SEAL make Higbie uniquely qualified to comment on a range of issues. An intelligent and eloquent orator, Higbie has become a fixture on both Fox News and CNN, where he is frequently called upon to provide insight on a variety of matters.

Ron MonacoRon Monaco

Raised in Boston but transplanted here some 30 years ago he believes himself a confirmed Seattleite. Ron served 6 years in the U.S. Navy, literally traveling the world finally being discharged here in Bremerton, WA. in 1970. A Vietnam War veteran he was also a member of the Prime Recovery Team aboard the U.S.S. Hornet for (both) the Apollo 11 and 12 missions, assisting the first men to land on the moon and return safely.

Ron then went on to a career in corporate Sales & Marketing for nearly 28 years before finally founding and building his own firm, i.e., Innovative Business Systems. Retiring in 2008, during a tough bout with cancer, Ron has continued to keep himself busy with his wife Missy along with 3 children, 6 grandchildren and serving charities such as the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s “Jimmy Fund” and the “Make a Wish” Foundation.

Ron became involved with Heartbeat when he elected to Chair a proposed tournament on the 4th of July for wounded warriors in 2008. One himself, he understood the many physical and mental challenges that lay ahead for these men and women and wanted to do something that mattered. He was enamored with the idea of keeping the money for local families and worthwhile ventures like the Scuba program. After convincing the Harbour Pointe Men’s Club and the Oki Golf Course to make Heartbeat the “primary” charity for Harbour Pointe Golf Course, it’s developed into a terrific joining for both parties. Although just starting to get off the ground with only $40,000 in donations to date, this year’s tournament promises to be something else with the addition of more corporate sponsors, a better format in the tournament and a new emcee, Mr. Jesse Jones. Ron says $20,000 by the end of business on the 4th is very reachable. No one betting against him.

Ed Nixon

Ed Nixon, brother of President Richard Nixon, is a retired captain of the United States Navy Reserve. He is an avid supporter of volunteerism, both military and civilian. Ed works as a geologist specializing in recovery of resources for our nation. His work and his life are a testimony to his passion for our country.

Bill and Donna Paulson

Both Donna and I work together in our family owned Temperature Sensor manufacturing business in Lynnwood, WA.   We have been married for 32 years; we met in 1989 while I was in the Navy stationed in Lakehurst NJ and Donna worked for the Department of the Navy.  Currently we live in Langley, WA.

In the mid 2000’s Donna had volunteered with the Stocking and helped at an Auction in Woodinville, WA for Heartbeat for Wounded Warriors.   We met Janice and began to volunteer with stuffing stockings and the Adopt a Family during Christmas season as well as Coats for kids with the Knights of Columbus.

We look forward to being a liaison between the Knights of Columbus and Heartbeat to continue with the mission of hope and healing.

Steve Rapkoch

Steve is a local business leader and proud father of a United States marine.

Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson is long time supporter of our military and Heartbeat. She has been active for many years in projects supplying our Wounded Warriers with comfort items, financial support and resources.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson is active in many civic and military support projects. A retired college vice president now turning his energies to support of our military and their needs through Heartbeat.

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