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Memorial Day


In 1868, when General John A. Logan designated May 30 as “Decoration Day”, he did so for the purpose “of preserving and strengthening those kind and fraternal feelings which have bound together the soldiers, sailors, and marines who united to suppress the late rebellion.”

Today, Memorial Day, as it’s now known, continues to bring our hearts together to remember our fallen brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers. Lives worthy of honor, remembrance, and gratitude.

God Bless America and God Bless Our Courageous Military Families



“They Marched into Hell So We Could Have Peace” President Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Remembers the Fallen: They Marched into Hell So We Could Have Peace

The difference a few weeks of Equine Therapy can make


eBook for Heartbeat Therapy Programs


Heartbeat Serving Warriors’s creative Treasurer, Janet Raulerson put this beautiful eBook together highlighting our therapies.


Medal of Honor Recipient Leroy Petry Defends Pres Trump


Medal of Honor Recipient Leroy Petry Defends Pres Trump firing of leaker Vindmen

Happy Thanksgiving


Op-ed Navy Corruption and the SEAL Gallagher Case

This Thanksgiving we are grateful for our courageous Warrior Heroes who constantly have our backs. Now..FINALLY they have a Commander In Chief who has THEIR backs and defies the deep state even in the Pentagon! Thank You President Trump!
Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Veteran’s Day Thank You For Your Outstanding Courage!



Vice President Mike Pence: Veterans Day – Veterans have no better friend than President Trump

Vice President Mike Pence writes in Fox News that “the debt our nation owes those who have worn the uniform is a debt we will never be able to fully repay.”

But just as America’s veterans have fought for us, “our entire administration has fought for them,” the Vice President continues. “President Trump has signed the most substantial veterans’ health-care reform in a generation, making Veterans Choice a permanent part of American law.”

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Absolutely inspiring….just as our Veterans are!


2019 VETERANS DAY Events & Observances for Washington State
November 1, 2019





King County Employee Giving Drive


For all King County Employees:  the annual giving drive is coming up October 7th and runs through November 22nd.

Please note that the four digit code for Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors is 9525.

We appreciate all your contributions. THANK YOU!

9-11 May We NEVER Forget




9-11..May We NEVER Forget the day our Great Country was attacked by 19 muslim islamic cowards! Let us NEVER Forget our Courageous 9-11 Families, The Brave and Courageous First Responders , Firefighters and Police Officers, who selflessly went into the burning Twin Towers and put the lives of total strangers ahead of their own to save them. Let us NEVER Forget the Courageous Military Warriors and their Families, who protect us day and night and bring Justice to those who would dare harm us.







Heartbeat’s Hippotherapy and Equine Therapeutic Riding Validated


The Effectiveness of Heartbeat’s Hippotherapy and Equine Therapeutic Riding Validated Statistically

by Janet Raulerson

 Definition and background of statistical analysis:

Statistical Analysis is defined as the science of collecting and presenting large amounts of data to discover underlying patters. Heartbeat utilized statistical analysis to compare the effectiveness of our Equine Therapeutic Riding Program and our Hippotherapy Program. We utilized 6 aspects to evaluate: pain level, mood, flexibility, anxiety, physical tension and ability to focus. Heartbeat wanted to see if there was a significant difference between the before rating and the after rating of the therapies; and if there was a difference, was that difference only due to chance or results of the therapy. The use of the p value in statistical analysis helps decide this. The p value represents the probability that the results of the therapy are caused by chance alone. The smaller the p value, the less likelihood that the results are due to chance.

Most analysis use a p value of 0.05 to determine that the results are not by chance but are due to the therapy. In our analysis, the p value was calculated to be 0.0001. This means that the difference between the before and after results was attributed to chance only 1 time out of 10,000. This level of difference is very significant. Bottom line, the therapies are making a substantial difference in the Wounded Warriors’ lives.

Defining Hippotherapy and Equine Therapeutic Riding:

In 2010, Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors initiated a clinical, cutting edge Hippotherapy program, appropriately named Back in the Saddle Warriors. The American Hippotherapy Association (AHA), founded in 1992, defines Hippotherapy as “the movement of the horse as a strategy by physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), and speech-language pathologist (SLP) to address impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities in patients with neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.

Essentially, warriors perform different physical therapy maneuvers while on the horse. This requires them to perform a number of maneuvers and respond to the horse’s movements at the same time. The net effect is improved muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, strength and flexibility. Balance is particularly important for warriors with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Horses and humans have something in common, a pelvis that works and moves the same way. Both have identical hip movements when walking. Sitting on a moving horse allows the warrior’s body to move naturally. It strengthens muscle groups. Staying upright on a horse requires balance, coordination and muscle strength. Injuries from war may have affected those abilities and these can be helped by this therapy.

Although the horse is utilized as a physical therapy tool, the animal can offer much more. The warriors respond emotionally as well as physically to the horse.   These animals are gentle and sensitive, and have a unique ability to sense human emotions.  Horses are also able to mirror the warrior’s emotions so that he has a better understanding of where he is emotionally. This special bond helps warriors work through difficult issues. This can build confidence and change their outlook on life. In short, it can help bring healing.

In 2018, Heartbeat added a second therapy program to Back in the Saddle Warriors: Equine Therapeutic Riding. This therapy teaches the warrior to ride while working on posture, balance and confidence. As stated earlier, balance is very important for those warriors with TBI. Riding on the horse also has a positive impact, and affects the body brain connection in a positive way.

Design and set up of the therapy programs:

Data was collected in the form of pre therapy and post therapy evaluations for 6 different aspects: pain, anxiety, flexibility, physical tension, mood and ability to focus. Each warrior would rate each aspect on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being no pain, no anxiety, very flexible, relaxed, good mood and good ability to focus. A rating of 10 represented maximum pain, high anxiety, tight, tense, negative mood, and poor ability to focus. Data was collected for Hippotherapy from December 18th, 2012 to November 2nd, 2014 (173 therapy sessions); January 13th, 2015 to December 13, 2016 (86 therapy sessions); and January 7, 2019 to July 17, 2019 (51 therapy sessions). Equine Therapeutic Riding utilized that same 6 aspects and same evaluation forms for the months of January 2, 2018 to July 17, 2019 (125 therapy sessions).

The Hippotherapy data and the Equine Therapeutic Riding data were analyzed separately. After comparing all of the before and after data in a paired t-test, the results showed an extremely significant difference with a p value of .0001. Therefore, the warriors showed extremely significant improvement in terms of pain level, anxiety, flexibility, physical tension, mood and ability to focus for both Hippotherapy and Equine Therapeutic Riding. Heartbeat also noted that several of the warriors were able to come off many of their medications and one warrior that needed a cane for walking was able walk independently after weeks of Equine Therapeutic Riding.

Heartbeat is continuing to keep evaluations on all of the warriors involved in each of the two programs for further analysis. We are extremely excited that both of these therapies can now be validated both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.



Happy Birthday, Americans


HSWW 4th July 17

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