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Veteran’s Day Thank You For Your Outstanding Courage!


Absolutely inspiring….just as our Veterans are!







Military Doctors Can’t Trust DOD Medical Database


Military doctors can’t trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower

Haggen Community Fundraiser


Please support Heartbeat at any register at Lake Stevens Haggen or any other Haggen Food Store.  This community fundraiser will continue till May 24th


BITS Warriors Video


Please enjoy a video of our BITS Warriors

This is an important exercise in being calm and controlling your own body and mind. Horses will not stay with someone who is “not safe” their whole mechanism for being able to stay alive as prey animals is to sense if a person or animal is safe which builds trust. The Soldier then uses what he has learned with the horse to exude that same self control and calm with people to help re establish trust and broken human relationships. The horse mirrors our actions and emotions better than being told.. Soldier you are doing this wrong and need to do this to make it right. It is better for the Soldier to “catch” it.

Heartbeat Grieves the Murder of Warriors


Heartbeat grieves for the murder of these amazing courageous Warriors. Our prayers are for the families.

Disclaimer Issued by Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®


Recently in the local news for WA state, 2 non-profits: Fallen Hero Bracelets and Healing Heroes Network (based out of Fla) received some pretty negative assessments.

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® has never been associated with, received money from, or done any joint fundraising with Fallen Hero Bracelets or Healing Heroes Network.

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® have served our Heroes since 2009 with integrity!

Thank you!
Janice Buckley
Founder/ President Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®

Fred Meyer Community Rewards


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eBook for Heartbeat Therapy Programs


Heartbeat Serving Warriors® creative Treasurer, Janet Raulerson, updated our beautiful eBook that she created highlighting our therapies.

Written by Janet Raulerson, Treasurer Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®

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2020 is The Veteran’s Election


2020 is The Veteran’s Election written by a Courageous Infantry Soldier!

Happy Birthday, Americans


Now more than ever! America First!
HSWW 4th July 17

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