Vital Financial Advice for Veterans Adjusting to Civilian Life

Vital Financial Advice for Veterans Adjusting to Civilian Life

Self-Employment: Your Next Career Move?

Click here for more information and resources on self-employment


Check out the resources flyer from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs

7th Annual Veterans Resource Fair at the Tacoma Dome

Be sure to check out the

20 Apr

New website from Pres Trump Labor Dept boosts apprenticeship/ jobs opportunities


Thank you John for your group’s donations and great job as a real estate expert!

Heartbeat is so grateful to John Weston, not only for the great job he does in finding just the right home for his clients but now he is donating $100/ for every house he sells to Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors. I bought my place with John as the real estate agent and he is the Best!  Thank you John!

JOHN WESTON • Realtor | Broker
Weston Group Properties – Keller Williams • Snohomish County’s Premier Real Estate Service
m. 425.405.2077 | f. 425.212.2092
e. | w.
a. 1000 SE Everett Mall Way 201, Everett, WA 98208

New blood test can detect Traumatic Brain Injuries

This new blood test can detect traumatic brain injury in troops

VA Resources

Discounts for military, Veterans travel guide

The Ultimate Military Discount Travel Guide (2017)

VA Secretary: Reform Will Allow Us to Fire Workers Not “Doing Their Jobs”

Pres Trump Signs Bill To Extend Veteran’s Choice Program


Donald Trump Signs Bill to Extend Veterans Choice Program

For Suicidal Thoughts

Contact Randi Jensen LMHC, CCDC, Director of The JSP3


Military & Family Life Counselor Program, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

Provides free counseling services to Active Duty service members & their families

The American Institute of Stress

Combat Stress- August 2014 Edition:

Serve Our Veterans

Serve Our Veterans, the Free Dental Care for veterans, is  in its 7th year! They continue to serve low-income veterans who have been deployed to war/conflict areas.

Please check out their website for helpful information and contact details. They efficiently match veterans with dentists throughout the year.

2014 Veterans Day Free Meals and Discounts

On this Veteran’s Day we honor those who serve now as well as those who have served before. It is you who keep us safe and free, not the politicians! We owe you more than we can express. Thank you to all of our exceptional Heroes and their families this Veteran’s Day!

Veterans Day Free Meals & Discounts

American Sniper, the movie is about an absolute true American Hero

In this day when self consumed Hollywood druggies are celebrated it is outstanding to see movies honoring and celebrating the real Heroes that make our country great!

This quote from Warner Bros re it’s success: Said Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman about the success of American Sniper, “The film played from small towns to big cities, red to blue states. The story touched on so many things dear to the American public — patriotism, service to your country. It hit that core.”
See link below where this awesome and Patriotic moving is playing.

Find more showtimes and tickets on Fandango for American Sniper and other movies!

Standing Quietly

We must take our Country back and bring back Honor to our courageous Heroes, this can be a start but there is so much more to do.

Standing Quietly – Veterans Representing Veterans:

The American Institute of Stress: Combat Stress- February 2015

Feb 2015 Newsletter Part 1 Combat Stress

Boots To Shoes

The Boots To Shoes mission is to augment Veterans support services for 21st Century Veterans’ successful transition into civilian jobs. It serves as an example of going forward by giving back. Serving Washington state greater Puget Sound area since 2010.

How One Company Is Filling a Void to Help Veteran-Owned Businesses

Outstanding article for Veterans wanting to start a business like the Army Ranger in this article, but no banks to secure a loan.

America’s Mighty Warriors “Supporting Our Troops and The Families of the Fallen”


American Flag company

Heartbeat supports companies like this wonderful American Flag company that allows Americans to make their own decisions regarding flags and not remake America’s history. and (Both are owned by the same company)

Battle in Distress


Battle In Distress shall work to be the missing link that connects Veterans and currently serving members of the United States Armed Forces who are in or at risk for being in mental, emotional, financial, or psychological distress to the individuals, organizations, government entities, or other entities that provide services or assistance that can ameliorate the underlying problems that lead them to a state of distress. Battle In Distress will serve as a vehicle for bringing about a national, cultural and societal change in the manner in which the matters of Stress, Resilience, Connection, PTSD, Suicide and other related issues affecting Service Members and Veterans are viewed, discussed, and addressed with regards to the best practices for caring for those that have served or are currently serving.

Trump’s  VA  Policy and Position for our wounded warriors


Social Security Administration’s 100% Permanent & Total Veterans Initiative

SS for Disabled Vets


2016 Boots2Work Job Fair

Registration NOW for Boots2Work 2016!


Homeless Veteran Programs



Diving Devil Dogs:

Operations GoodJobs  – Monthly Meeting


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®