Christmas Wish℠ (We also celebrate Hanukkah)

Thank you Loretta and to all of you who choose to bless these courageous families!

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® offers Christmas Wish℠, the popular morale-building program. Christmas is a difficult time for many wounded warriors. You can help by “adopting” them.

While the world is celebrating holidays, our heroic, wounded warriors and their families face financial, physical, and psychological challenges most civilians never experience. It’s a lonely time. As an organization or individual, you can “adopt” by purchasing gifts or donating funds for gifts.

Donors often report the privilege they feel when sharing their gratitude for those who sacrifice daily for them. It’s a memorable experience for everyone.

John, one Christmas Wish℠ donor, said, “This great man, a soldier who just did three tours, filled with emotion when we gave our gifts to him and his family. But my family received the biggest gift just by helping them.”

The wounded warrior or family member provides a wish list to make it easier for you.

Please contact Heartbeat for more information or to become a Team Heartbeat volunteer, please complete our volunteer application.


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