Scuba Warriors®

 Therapeutic scuba diving for wounded warriors


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® pays for therapeutic scuba diving for injured service members from Vietnam forward to include GWOT (Global War on Terrorism), including OIF/OEF.  We call this program Scuba Warriors®.  Warriors with physical injuries, including Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer, and/or psychological injuries, can benefit from this healing activity.

At this time, Scuba Warriors® serves wounded Warriors in WA State. IF you are a wounded Warrior in another state, you are welcome to be in this program, BUT, unfortunately, we do not have funds for travel and lodging.


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Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these courageous Warriors that have given so much for our country!

Scuba Warriors®
Instructional Staff

Walt Amidon
Senior Advisor for Scuba Warriors®

Lead Instructor
Instructor is Daniel Henderson, retiring Special Forces Soldier
Shop: Ranger Sport Scuba Adventures, a NAUI facility

Dive masters
Michael Garmin

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Heartbeat is so appreciative to the Haggen Foundation for their generous donation of $5,000.  This donation was part of the Cultivating Community Together Campaign.  Thank you so much for your support of our programs.

Watch “Scuba Warriors October dive” on YouTube

From one of the Warriors in our Aug 2020 Scuba Warriors® program



Mike also created a video of their dive. Check it out:

Warriors having class time for Scuba Warriors® Feb 2020 open water certification course


Warriors getting into the pool for Scuba Warriors® course Feb 2020


Below is a recent testimony from a Soldier who was part of Scuba Warriors®


My name is  XXX and back in August or September I was able to take part in the scuba warriors program. I wanted to thank you earlier but I deployed quickly after and I just got busy with other things and unfortunately put it off.

I hope you know the program is awesome and I very much appreciated it and all the work you put into it. 

Not only was it a cool thing to do, but it was a great way for people to meet friends and do something that can relieve them from other stressors. Getting to scuba dive in the sound was an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing it.

Please let me know if there is a way I can help in the future with the program and I will help if I am able.

Thank you again and take care.”


Thank You to The Valley Athletic Club LLC, Tumwater WA (  for their Huge generosity in allowing us to have our Important Scuba Warriors® Therapy program at their facility at no charge!


Jody, Jade and the staff there made our Warriors and Scuba Warrior Team so very welcomed and we can not thank them enough, not only for allowing our program to continue at this wonderful location but to also generously not charge us. We are very grateful for this partnership and look forward to having our program at their location. Thank You!!

Scuba Warriors® May/June 2018 class



Wounded Warriors from our May/ June Scuba Warriors® open water course are now excitedly in our Scuba Warriors® July 2017 Advanced Class. As always, our courageous Warriors are covered by Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors for the class!


Two of the six Wounded Warriors in our May/June 2017 Scuba Warriors® class having a great time!


Scuba Warriors® July 2016 class.

Scuba Warriors® Feb 2016 class. This program is not only very popular, it is very successful.

Scuba Warriors® July 2016 class.

Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors® boat dive Oct 9, 2015 , Everyone had the best time, a whole new world underwater and a very nice change for our Warriors

For 18 years, Wounded Warrior Mike Biggs was Infantry and served 3 tours in Iraq.  Mike found his therapy in Scuba Warriors®that changed his life.

“After three surgeries and a lot of therapy, physically I was improving with a lot of pain, mentally I was hurting did not care if I was alive or dead.  Then I was asked if I wanted to try the scuba program.  So in 2011, I got my certification.  Once I hit the water, I felt peace and a pain free world.  After getting my first 100 dives I decided to volunteer my time to help others by teaching them to dive.  It is now 2014 and I am an dive control specialist instructor thru SSI and an instructor thru SDI.”

Mike is now an instructor for Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors® program.  Watch Mike in the above video giving navigation instructions to Wounded Warriors in our advanced course.

“Thank you. I can’t say it enough it means a lot to me what you do for me and other soldiers. It’s just not scuba diving these guys come from different parts of the world . They endured pain that no one understands. They understand my pain and even if I’m weak they motivate instead of complain because it was a short dive. They offer to help so I can get better. It’s more of a family feeling and just a reminder that were not alone. Thank you for thinking and taking care of us. For all you do is greatly appreciated.” Testimony from Wounded Warrior Abraham Cruz


Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors® 2nd advanced course, Sept 2015, this year. 5 Wounded Warriors that finished our August Scuba Warriors open water therapy course were involved and having a great time as well as adding to their skill sets. This program not only helps in healing but in reintegration. Led by Scuba Warriors® fearless Instructor, Mike Biggs, himself a wounded Infantryman.

IMGP0051 IMGP0035 IMGP0030 IMGP0037 IMGP0027

Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors go out on a chartered boat dive to advance their learned skills, have fun in a pain free environment and destress, Scuba Warriors® Instructors were also on board. Everyone had a great time and this is one of the benefits of this program.

20151009_082216_resized 20151009_081403_resized

Scuba Warriors® “pressed in” to some fun on the Heartbeat charter boat dive! Having a great time!



Scuba Warriors FAQ

Who pays for the services?

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® can offer this healing service to wounded warriors free because of our generous donors.

Our brave, wounded warriors sustained their injuries while they defended our freedom and way of life. They put their lives on the line for complete strangers. Heartbeat and its supporters firmly believe we owe it to our heroes and their brave families to help them heal.

What is Scuba Warriors®?

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® pays for therapeutic scuba diving for wounded service members of GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism. We call this program Scuba Warriors. Warriors with physical or psychological injuries, or both, can benefit from this healing activity.

Our generous donors support all Heartbeat programs and services.

Scuba Warriors Information (PDF)

Why is Scuba Warriors® free to wounded warriors?

Our brave, wounded warriors sustained their injuries while they defended our freedom and way of life. They put their lives on the line for complete strangers. Heartbeat and its supporters firmly believe we owe it to our heroes and their brave families to help them heal.

Who qualifies to be in our classes we offer at no charge?

Any Wounded or Injured Warrior from Vietnam forward to include GWOT (Global War on Terror to include the first Gulf War) which includes OIF and OEF, that was wounded or injured in combat or training. PTSD is a qualified injury. Scuba Warriors is located IN WA state. If you are a wounded warrior OUTSIDE of WA and can afford to pay to pay for travel and their board can come. At this time we can not afford to pay for travel. When that changes the website will reflect that.

What is the difference between a wounded and injured service member?

The military defines these terms differently. If the soldier is hurt in an accident while here at home, it’s called an injury. If the soldier is hurt while in a battle or war, it’s called wounded. That is also the term if the soldier is in a car accident while overseas.

Does Heartbeat help both wounded and injured soldiers?

Most of our programs are for both wounded and injured.

Why do you help only the wounded? Don’t others need your help too?

All warriors and their families deserve our time and appreciation. Many organizations serve both wounded and non-wounded. We did at one time too. We realized that we could serve more wounded warriors if we focused completely on them.

How do the soldiers feel about the help Heartbeat provides?

Wounded warriors often send words of appreciation. They’re families are grateful too. Sometimes they write letters. Sometimes they tell us in person. They let us know the huge impact our programs have on their lives.

What is therapeutic scuba diving?

Therapeutic scuba diving is an activity that helps patients improve muscle strength, mobility, cardiovascular strength, blood flow, confidence, and psychological well-being. It decreases pain significantly. This popular, rehabilitative activity has produced positive results for many years.

Scuba diving professionals use therapeutic diving for many injuries: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), limb loss, and spinal cord injuries are just a few.

Certified and experienced scuba diving professionals work with wounded warriors’ health care providers—doctors and licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists—to ensure the best results for each individual. The diving professionals have experience working with the wounded.

How does therapeutic scuba diving work?

Therapeutic scuba diving is a unique healing activity because water reduces the forces of gravity, which are hard on the body. Water offers a weightless and cushioning environment that gently supports muscles and limbs. This allows patients to use body parts previously too painful to move—injuries seem to disappear. This offers a liberation not found on land.

At the same time that water is gentle on the body, it also presents some resistance to movement, as anyone who has swum under water knows. For wounded warriors, this is an opportunity to increase muscle strength with less pain.

In the Scuba Warriors program, adaptive equipment is available for patients who need extra support. Supervisors provide underwater guidance for added safety.

What are the benefits of therapeutic scuba diving?

Heartbeat’s therapeutic scuba diving can help wounded warriors improve many areas of their health:

  • Motor skills
  • Muscle strength
  • Blood flow
  • Cardiovascular strength
  • Pain reduction
  • Mobility
  • Psychological well-being
  • Confidence

Changes in water pressure sometimes move shrapnel to a safer place in the body for surgical removal. Sometimes it even leaves the body on its own.

How does therapeutic scuba diving help emotionally?

Painful, major injuries dramatically change warriors’ roles in their jobs, in their families, and in society. Sometimes they can no longer contribute. This is devastating to natural protectors, who push themselves to extremes, take charge, and perform courageous acts daily. One result is isolation.

Scuba diving, unlike many therapeutic activities, requires a buddy system. This social side of diving fights the long-term, damaging effects of social separation.

The underwater environment is also an opportunity for wounded warriors to realize how capable they are. Disabilities seem to disappear as they experience pain-free movement for the first time. The wounded warrior’s newfound success contributes to positive, lifelong changes. Everyone benefits: warrior, family, and society.

How does someone qualify for help?

A wounded warrior qualifies for Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors program when a health care provider approves this course of treatment for the individual patient. The provider—an occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, or doctor—must be familiar with the service member’s case.

The provider completes an approval form and sends it to Heartbeat. A wounded warrior, family member, or provider can make the initial call to Heartbeat.

The Scuba Warrior program is open to all GWOT Wounded Warriors free of charge. We are located in WA state. If you are OUTSIDE WA state you would still be welcome to come to the program,I am sorry, at this time we can not afford to pay for travel though.

How can I volunteer?

At this time, Scuba Warriors serves wounded GWOT Warriors in WA State.  IF you are a wounded warrior in another state, you are welcome to be in this program, BUT, unfortunately,  we do not have funds for travel and lodging.

Heartbeat received a seed grant from Infinite Hero Foundation to start a limited Scuba Warrior expansion to our courageous wounded Marines  in NC and Wounded Warrior Regiment East at Camp Lejeune. It IS the Vision of Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® to take Scuba Warriors Nationally.

1.    IF you are a dive shop or Dive Instructor that would like to be involved in Scuba Warriors in your state please contact us.   IF you are a Dive Master or Dive Con certified and want to volunteer, please contact us.

2.   IF you are a wounded warrior in a moderate to heavy military populated state and would like to see Scuba Warriors there, please contact us. IF you are a Command that would like to see Scuba Warriors come to you for your wounded warriors, please contact us.

3.   Finally, even though our VISION is to take Scuba Warriors Nationally, we Can Not do this without YOUR HELP.

4.   Please consider making a single donation or monthly donation to allow us to make Scuba Warriors Outreach a viable reality! DONATE HERE.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these courageous Warriors that have given so much for our country!


Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®