Board of Directors


Janice Buckley: Founder + President

Janice is a dedicated single mom who home-schooled her son, now a graduate student in college. She was a veterinary assistant for 20 years, and remains keenly interested in everything equine. Her love of all animals is reflected in the fact she shares her home and life with two horses, two cats, and four dogs. After 9-11, looking for ways to show support for the Troops, she baked cookies and brownies for the Washington State National Guard, volunteered for a time with the United Services Organization (USO), then for several years was founder and past president of Operation Homefront Washington (OHWA)  — before her insight, passion and vision led her to found Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors in 2009. Over the course of Janice’s life, her focus and patriotism in support of America in general and the Military and their families in particular are expressed in one of her favorite, firmly-held convictions, which she is quick to share with pride: “The Military are the plumb line of excellence for this exceptional country.”

Janet Raulerson, MS, RN, BFA: Treasurer

Janet is a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics and neonatal care at Seattle’s nationally renowned Children’s Hospital. Devoted to her tiny patients professionally, in private life she is the doting grandmother of five youngsters, three of whom are triplets. Her husband of 36 years, Robert, is a retired Navy veteran who loves music and builds musical instruments such as guitars, mandolins and ukuleles. As a lifelong wildlife enthusiast, Janet has a special interest in honey bees, caring for two hives this past summer. She is also a talented artist who holds a degree in Fine Arts, yet has always enjoyed working with numbers, and routinely volunteers countless hours maintaining Heartbeat’s detailed financial records. Her love for Heartbeat, and how the organization is able to help members of the Military and their families, continues to be demonstrated by her in multiple ways.

Florence Dix: Secretaryfdix-001

Born in WA State, Florence was married for 45 years until husband’s death in 2010; they had 2 children. She received a BA degree from the University of Washington in Far Eastern Studies — emphasis Russian History/Language; authored a book on the complexities of her hubby’s diagnosed, severe dissociative condition now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly called Multiple Personalities; keeps yellow ribbons on Freedom Bridge near Joint Base Lewis-McChord since 2003 when they co-founded The Bridge People Regulars of Outpost 122, a group of patriots demonstrating regularly for years at the I-5 Exit 122 Bridge, on behalf of all branches of our courageous Armed Forces. Her brother Chris served in the Navy on several surface support ships, as a Submariner on the nuclear-powered sub USS Sam Rayburn, & later with New Hampshire’s National Guard in Iraq during Operations Desert Storm/Shield. Florence has always loved/supported the Military & their families, often declaring, “We owe them EVERYTHING!”

Charles Farmer

Previously served as COB for Operation Home Front WA Businessman, and Entrepreneur. Father of two US Marines. As a military parent I understand the stresses placed on a family during deployments.

Walt Amidon Walt Amidon

Started scuba diving in 1961 and was hooked. Spent 4 ½ years in the Navy, diving, with 3 tours in Vietnam. Discharged from the Navy in 1971. Opened my first Dive Store in Tacoma and sold the store in 1975 and went to work for NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) in California as their Marketing Director. 1982 went to work for ScubaPro, dive industry leader in dive equipment, as Director of Special Projects. 1984 became a Consultant for Skin Diver Magazine, at that time the largest dive publication in the US. 1986 consulted for NASDS (National Association of Skin Diving Schools). 1990 managed a Resort in the Bahamas returning to the Northwest in 1992. Reopened Scuba SET in 2000 one of the premier dive stores in the US. The store now is a dialed down version of Scuba SET 2000. Currently a Instructor Certifier for Scuba Schools International; the highest rating for Instructors.

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