Thank You

Thank You to the Awesome Nemesis

Thank You to the Awesome Nemesis
Riding Club for the wonderful fundraiser they put on starting at the Generous Crows Nest Restaurant Camano Island. Special thanks to Dave Valentine and Tim Webster for organizing this event. We are so grateful for your hard work and the outstanding $1805 that you raised!!

Thank You St Theresa Parish & Knights of Columbus #7908


Thank You to the Wonderful Parishioners from St Theresa Parish and Knights of Columbus #7908 for their generous donation to allow us to continue America’s Best. We are so grateful! A special thank you to Bob D for spearheading this.

Memorial Day


In 1868, when General John A. Logan designated May 30 as “Decoration Day”, he did so for the purpose “of preserving and strengthening those kind and fraternal feelings which have bound together the soldiers, sailors, and marines who united to suppress the late rebellion.”

Today, Memorial Day, as it’s now known, continues to bring our hearts together to remember our fallen brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers. Lives worthy of honor, remembrance, and gratitude.

God Bless America and God Bless Our Courageous Military Families



“They Marched into Hell So We Could Have Peace” President Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Remembers the Fallen: They Marched into Hell So We Could Have Peace

Thank YOU Vietnam Veterans and Welcome Home



Dear Current and Former Warfighters,

On March 29, National Vietnam War Veterans Day, Exchanges around the world will honor Vietnam-era Veterans with free commemorative lapel pins marking the war’s 50th anniversary. The Exchange is privileged to partner with the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to offer this token of our Nation’s appreciation to those who served during this time.

As a Vietnam-era Veteran, this remembrance is close to my heart. The American public shortly after the war did not understand the sacrifices these great Americans made. These Warfighters were treated much differently from those who came before or after them. When my father returned from World War II, his hometown of Broadwater, Nebraska, gave him a hero’s welcome. Few who served during Vietnam received a similar homecoming. We are privileged to now have the opportunity to properly recognize the service of our Vietnam Veterans.

Understanding the obligation to remember the selfless sacrifice of the great Americans who raised their right hand, took the oath and made a difference compelled the Exchange to secure a lifelong online military exchange shopping benefit for all honorably discharged Veterans just last year. The Exchange team extends its sincere appreciation to all who have served. Your battles were not fought in vain, and your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The Exchange is honored to recognize your service with a commemorative lapel pin on March 29. For details, please contact your nearest Exchange. A list of participating Exchanges can be found by clicking here. If you are unable to receive a pin at the Exchange on March 29, events to locate another upcoming event or partners/partner_map to find a Commemorative Partner in your area.

It is our privilege to do our modest part to give these brave warriors the thanks their service truly deserves.

Soldier For Life!All the best,

Tom Shull
Army & Air Force Exchange Service

President Trump signs law declaring National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Mackenzie Wolf

Vietnam veterans commemorated with Vietnam War Veterans Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day is a commemorative holiday in the United States which recognizes the sacrifice…

Thank You General Dynamics


Thank you General Dynamics for your continuing support of our wounded warriors and their families with this $2500 check!

Thank You Larry Irdella, Port Townsend Elks, and Port Townsend Kiwanis


Thank You Larry Irdella and Port Townsend Elks and Port Townsend Kiwanis for over 250 wonderful new Toys donated to Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors. We are so grateful for Larry and The Elks for their continuous support all year round! Thank you Ed of AT&T Veterans for picking up and delivering the toys in his Yukon Sleigh to recipient Soldiers at Madigan Hospital on JBLM.

Thank You Port Townsend Elks Lodge #317


Port Townsend Elks Lodge #317,

Thank you Very much for your generous donation to assist our Christmas programs. We are very grateful for your ongoing support and all you do to help our courageous wounded warriors.

Thank You Biella Foundation!


Thank you Biella Foundation and Joni for once again doing more than talk about supporting Wounded Warriors! Your continued generous support speaks volumes and allows us to do important work in our Back In The Saddle Warriors program with your recent check. Thank you so much!!

Thank You Biella Foundation!


Biella Foundation Supports our BITS® therapy program with a huge, generous grant to allow Heartbeat to pay for our PT in the program. We are so grateful to Joni Wolf and the Biella Foundation for their continued and generous support of this program. Thank you so very much!!

We are also grateful for the Biella Foundation grant to support wounded warrior families at Christmas. Thank you for making a difference to these incredible Heroes.

Thank You Biella Foundation


Heartbeat is very grateful to the increasing generosity of Biella Foundation for their extreme giving to serve our courageous wounded warriors. Thank you Joni!

Thank You Biella Foundation


Thank you for the huge donation this quarter from The Biella Foundation! Your financial support allows us to keep serving more Wounded Warriors. We are so grateful!!! Thank you Joni for your work!!

Thank You Biella Foundation


Thank you!! Biella Foundation and Joni for your incredible support of our BITS therapy program and for the 2nd year allowing us to pay for a Physical Therapist for this program  with a grant.  We are so very very grateful for all you do to support wounded warriors thru Heartbeat! Thank you!!

Thank You Biella Foundation


Another Huge thank you to The Biella Foundation and in particular Joni for the generous donation to help us with our programs for our wounded warriors. You are wonderful!

Thank You Biella Foundation


Biella Foundation, Thank you for your recent generous donation. You have enabled us to do so much through your giving and Heartbeat is very grateful!!

The Biella Foundation and Joni Wolfe


Heartbeat is extremely grateful to The Biella Foundation and Joni Wolfe for a grant  which allowed us to hire a Level 2 Hippotherapy PT for our Back In The Saddle Warriors program. This will enable us to enlarge our program to reach more Warriors. In the past, we have been limited to only being able to serve wounded warriors in the WTB at JBLM. We are so very excited by this wonderful and generous opportunity that allows us to grow and serve more. Thank you Biella Foundation!!

Thank You Cascade West Productions


Thank you Cascade West Productions and especially Karen and Julie for their hard work at the Barrel Racing Fund raising event they held in Oregon for us this August. Each year now these wonderful ladies do an extremely great job supporting our Wounded Warriors in the BITS Warriors program. Thank you!!

Red White Blue Golf Tournament Fundraiser


A HUGE THANK YOU to July 4 Red White and Blue Golf Tournament for raising $23,420.84 for our Wounded Warriors through Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®.

Heartbeat is so very grateful for the diligence and hard work Ron Monaco and Jesse Jones did to put this on and make it a big success. Ron has been the tip of the spear for this event for 9 years now and we are over the top grateful. Jesse Jones of Kiro 7 worked very hard to bring in wonderful items for the auction and the now famous “Jesse Roll” Thank you !! Below are the businesses, some who have donated since the beginning of this event 9 years ago. We are grateful to and for all of you who accomplished so much!!

Heartbeat is grateful for the volunteers who brought so much help to assist in this fundraising event led by Helen Smythe. Thank you to the hard work of Janet Raulerson for all of the bookkeeping.

Check out our newsletter for the 2017 July 4 Red White and Blue Golf Tournament

Check out the slideshow for the 2017 July 4 Red White and Blue Golf Tournament


Thank you to all the fabulous businesses that helped sponsor this event:


North Creek Roofing
Diamond Knot Brewery
Pacific Rim Framing
Haselwood Auto Group of West Hills Honda
BAC: Benefit Administration Company
Degginger McIntosh & Associates
RA Investments
Karmichael Auto Salon
KIRO 7/ Jesse Jones
Eustis Company, Inc.
Ezell’s Famous Chicken, Mill Creek
Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Jesse Jones Sushi Roll Benefits Heartbeat

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®