Emergency Assistance


The Emergency Assistance Program provides direct financial support for wounded Special Ops warriors and their families in Washington state. Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors helps with many crises that happen when there is reduced income or delayed military pay:

  • Rent is due or past due. Eviction might be an outcome.
  • A wounded Special Ops warrior is in the hospital and has no family close by. A close relative can’t visit and offer emotional support because travel expenses are too high.
  • Utilities are scheduled for shut-off. There might be no heat in the middle of winter and no warm water for bathing.
  • There isn’t enough money to buy food for the whole family.
  • A wounded Special Ops warrior’s parent in another state has a heart attack, but there isn’t money for airfare.

When life crises occur, Heartbeat provides funds to help wounded Special Ops warriors and their families get through the difficult times. No repayment occurs.

Emergency Assistance FAQ

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