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Scuba Therapy by Steven Giddens


Steven Giddens interned with Heartbeat for 10 weeks as part his coursework at Sterling College in Vermont.  Below is an excerpt from Steven’s “SCUBA Therapy” story that appeared in Sterling’s Spring 2014 issue of Common Voice.  (more…)

Divers Get To See Different World


By Suzanne Ovel, Editor of the Phoenix Word, the Newsletter of the WTB at JBLM.

As a kid, he would sit with his uncle and be in awe over pictures that the Navy diver took of the un-derwater ocean. Bobby McGee got bit by the scuba bug young thanks to his uncle, but his dad’s cautious nature kept him from trying out the sport while he was growing up. (more…)

Finding peace beneath the water’s surface


It is a Wednesday morning in the Puget Sound. The quiet drizzle is interrupted by the whistles of passenger and cargo trains passing as they gather near the shore. They are a group of local veterans and wounded warriors, united in their shared military service and their love for scuba diving.

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