In Honor of Memorial Day


In Honor of Memorial Day. To all of those courageous Warriors and their families who have worn the uniform and pay the high price of serving our country to keep the rest of us free, Thank you seems so trite. We can never repay these amazing Heroes. We are so very grateful!

Recently a Navy Seal said it best, from his book, ” Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” by Carl Higbie.. ” I’ve made hundreds of media appearances all to help fuel the fire and energize people to fight for what they believe in and for America. It has been my honor. I love my country more than anything, even more than being a SEAL, and it was all worth it. And I owe it all to the freedoms that we were granted As Americans. So here’s to you, to all the men and women who have put foot to ass when your country has called. Let this be a lesson to those that wish to undo or stand idly by and let others undo what has made America great. Better Patriots than me will always stand in front of those who seek to destroy what America stands for”  The courage of our Warriors is second to none, they are the plumb line of Excellence.Thank YOU and God Bless You!!

This video captures what every solid American knows is true. Unfortunately we have a President who degrades our military and goes on an apology tour to countries we have fought and won for good reason, without ever praising the Warriors that make our freedom possible. Shame on him. This video speaks to our hearts as we honor the men and women who wear or have worn the uniform so we can be free today.

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